Pangaia Grado Zero

Pangaia Grado Zero group

Grado Zero Espace

Innovation through Research & Development.

Grado Zero Espace™ is a leading research organization specialized in technology transfer of materials and technologies from extreme sectors such as, for example, aerospace or medical-surgical, in normal daily use. It also cares about adopting more efficient and innovative industrial assembly processes to improve the chosen materials performances. GZE arises as a connector among different industrial sectors and pure research entities (universities, testing laboratories, space agencies, inventors and researchers) collecting different know-hows and identifying new ways of using materials and technologies.

Life Materials

New materials for a new sustainable world.

Life Materials™ is an online store that offers materials to designers, artisans and companies that want to make innovation and that consider the ethical and environmental responsibility a key factor of their mission. The available cutting-edge materials are carefully selected and worked according to the best traditions and craftsmanship to make products that have one common goal: living in a plastic and cruelty free world. The respect for the world's ecosystems and humanity is the core of Life Materials™: 100% non-petroleum-based materials and ethically sustainable solutions that do not require the use of any dangerous or harmful substance to any living being.